Screenwriting Samples

Some sample pages from screenplays are provided below.  All work is copyrighted and registered with WGAE.

Del Rio (short film - Drama)  - A short screenplay about an immigrant family working on the US/Mexico border and the border patrol agents tasked with protecting the border.  Winner of Nashville Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize and Best Drama Prize, Winner of Jury Prize at Kolkata Screenplay Contest.  Official selection at many other film festivals globally.

From Jappan (Pilot Episode - Comedy) - Pilot episode for Indian-American comedy series about an immigrant family and the cultural clashes inherent in the situation.  Other episodes available upon request.


Indian Funeral (Feature - Dark Comedy) - When Dev's uncle passes away unexpectedly in small town Massachusetts, Dev and his father Bhiku must try to conduct a traditional Hindu funeral ceremony for the deceased's salvation in a town with no such infrastructure.   
Official Selection: Oaxaca Filmfest, Beverly Hills Film Festival. 

Maxi-Man (Feature - Dark Comedy) - A story about an accidental feminist in rural India.  When Arun discovers that taboos surrounding menstruation prevent his wife from working a week out of every month, he decides to tackle the issue head on.  This is a fictionalized film based on the inventor of cheap sanitary napkins so all women in India and abroad could have access to affordable menstrual health.

Akash (Feature - Dark Comedy) - Akash, caretaker of his ailing father, inadvertently becomes a distributer of black-market Ketamine in suburbia after he meets and becomes infatuated with local pill-pusher Jill.  This comedic film is set against the backdrop of America's opioid crisis.

Breaking Out (Feature - Drama) - An action/adventure film about a single mother, Kori, who ends up taking on a sex-traffic ring in order ot save her own life and the lives of many other young women in order to get back to her child. 


2017 NFF Winner
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Monmouth Film Festival - 2017.png