Raj Trivedi

 Writer - Director - Producer

Based in New York’s Hudson Valley.


Story Above All.


Raj Trivedi is a freelance filmmaker currently based in New York’s Hudson Valley in the town of Kingston. Raj is passionate about writing and directing films that showcase stories from peoples of any diaspora. There are millions of untold (as of yet) stories, with unique perspectives that are ripe for the telling.

Raj is available to direct or produce advertising, narrative and documentary projects under his banner ‘Indoor Thunder Machine.’

Raj is also an instructor of screenwriting and directing, and holds an MFA in Film from Columbia University’s School of Arts.


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Say hi - Let’s collaborate and make something fun! indoorthundermachine@gmail.com

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Selected Credits and Awards


Del Rio - Short
From Jappan - Short
Diwali - Short
Freedom - Music Video
Dream - Music Video
Victory - Music Video
Vox Media Cafe Bustelo - Sponsored Content
TEDTalks - TEDMed - Sponsored Content

Homicide City (Season 2) - 2nd Unit Director / Associate Producer
Finding 52 - Production Executive/Post-Production Supervisor
South Mountain - Co- Producer
Welcome to Bushwick - Producer
Gwen and Mina’s Puppetopia - Producer
You and Me and Her and Them - 1st A.D.
In Prison Air - 1st A.D.
Antarctica - 2nd A.D.
Don’t Act Dumb - Associate Producer
The First Men - 2nd A.D.

Indian Funeral - Feature Comedy
Akash - Feature Comedy
Maxi Man - Feature Comedy
Anthony - Feature Drama

Grand Jury Prize - Best short screenplay - Nashville Film Festival
Best short Drama Screenplay - Nashville Film Festival
Arthur J. Harris Memorial Prize
Katharina Otto-Bernstein Thesis Grant
Dean’s Travel Grant
Columbia University Finishing Funds